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Selling - Japanese Yard Sale!

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June 22nd, 2016

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03:49 pm - Selling
CD/DVD - Merry, Virgenow, 12012, L'Arc~en~Ciel, D'eiz,the fool, Plastic Tree, the Raid. Auncia, the Yellow Monkey, Joker, AND, Spyair, The Underneath

Other merchandise - Distraught overlord, AND,  Big Bang, Redrum

Cheki/Polaroid -  D'eiz, 0801弐209336, 0801弐209XX6 Nihilizm

Flyer 0,50€/1 flyer list of flyers

Magazine/Photobook - Gab, Vinyl Syndicate, Neo Genesis, Cure, Ban!, Club Zy MAG, Zeal Link,  Holiday, Pop united, VR(Virtual Reality, BPMagazine

Clothes/bags - Ayabie EU tour shirt, D fabric bag, girugamesh EU tour shirt

+ manga (english) (DNAngel, Black Cat, D.Gray-man)

You can also offer different price.

More details here!

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