Japanese Yard Sale!

Sell/Trade Japanese Related Items!

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This community is dedicated to the sale/trade of Japanese related items.
Anime, manga, CDs, books, clothes.. etc.
Other Asian items (e.g. Korean fashion) may also be allowed.

* Please note, the moderators of this community cannot be held responsible for the actions of the communities members. Trade/sell/buy at your own risk.

Please obey all of the community rules.
* Stay on topic. (No non-Japanese-related items, please.)
* Excessively long entries/pictures should be behind an LJ cut tag. (Use common sense.)
* Only sellers who are able to ship internationally or to the U.S. are allowed to post.
* You may only post once every 4 days.
* All posts are under the supervision of the moderator(s) and may be deleted, with or without notice if deemed inappropriate. As such, members may also be banned for inappropriate behavior, with or without notice. If you feel you have been unfairly banned, or one of your posts/comments been unfairly deleted, please PM the moderator(s) and inquire for further details as to why, and for information about regaining membership.
* Above all else, be nice to the other members and HAVE FUN!

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